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Ian Reed

I am a British subject and I was b0rn in the UK, but having lived most of my working life in Asia, I do consider myself to be an unofficial UK Ambassador in the Asia region.

As a child, I was raised by my parents to be a perfect English gentleman, to be honourable, fair, helpful and polite and to always respect the other people around me, irrespective of their race or religious beliefs. I have always lived by these British values, even though some people try to take advantage and view these values as a weakness to be exploited.

I am much more wary of strangers now, but I still have my British values deeply ingrained in me and I do take pride in it.

I served my country for more than a decade in the Royal Air Force and I had some of the best times of my life whilst serving with them, both in the UK and overseas.

I have held many meetings, negotiations and presentations with various government ministers and military chiefs of staff involved with my line of work in Asia over the years, so I do also consider myself to be quite a diplomatic character.

Now legless in Asia

legless hermit in Asia

I lost my left leg below the knee in a bad motoring accident in Pattaya, Thailand in the year 2001, there is more detail about this incident on my other website http:www.reedinter.co.uk and the full story is in my book 'Legless in Thailand'.

When you look at Asia and it's people through the eyes of a disabled person, everything is seen in a completely different light, I have had ten years now to view the local Asian countries and people here from a disabled person's perspective and even this changed again one year ago, I had another serious accident in the south of Thailand and I had to have my right hip and upper right femur replaced.

Now I am living a very reclusive lifestyle, with my leg injuries it is very difficult and painful for me to move around, so I generally just stay in my room until I have to either go out to replenish my food stocks, or I have to go to the local internet cafe to update my websites and blog. This gives me lots of time to reflect on my life and also allows me to write more about my life stories and my many experiences in Asia.



If you wish to email me: ian@reedinter.co.uk

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